Grinding Grievances

Hello again and welcome, dear readers! I hope you had a good week. For those who are actually reading this stuff that I’m posting, I thank you. You guys just reading this motivates me to challenge myself to do more things. As time passes it feels as if I’m trying to entertain people, even though I’m actually not. But anyway, I don’t mind writing for you guys because I like to write.

So after making my Plan and putting it to use, I followed it for two days. On the third day, I faltered. I spent all my time on YouTube, entertaining myself. All through the day I watched videos, trying not to feel guilty but obviously feeling the same. I got really angry at myself. People thought I was sick. I felt addicted to movies and stories. I had this since I was a kid. I love stories. I have my grandmother to blame for that, but I guess I wouldn’t be writing now if it wasn’t for her telling me all those stories and me deciding to pick up a book to read.

So I got curious as to why I had such an addiction and I decided to look into it.

Why was I addicted to these videos?

I knew I was getting distracted from my goals. But I couldn’t control myself. Or was it that I didn’t want to? It was probably that.

You see I had placed too much value in the entertainment that I was getting for free over the number of hours that I would have to spend in trying to achieve my goal. I had given too much importance to a short term gratification in the expectation that I would “eventually” get bored while pursuing the third step a.k.a. The Grind for the long term goal.

Why did I place more value in this activity that did not contribute in any way to the goal I set? Couldn’t I have made my goal more interesting? The way I see it, the only way I could make it through The Grind is if there is a genuine interest in the goal. If I set a goal but I don’t like it, no matter what happens I will fail to achieve it. So only if it is an activity I love doing will I complete The Grind. I can’t exactly call it a step because it isn’t. It is a repetitive action. It doesn’t end. Ever.

Conversely, if I need to know whether I would love an activity, I’d have to set a goal, make a Plan with the goal in mind and start doing it. If I can make it through the Grind and achieve my first milestone and I still like doing the activity, then I could say that I have found something I love doing.

But eventually it does get boring after a while doing the same activity again and again. So how do I sustain my interest when my Drive is running low?

Some people exist who don’t have something called “giving up” in their dictionary. It may entirely be possible that they want to. But they are pushed by an invisible force to do more. They just don’t know how to stop. The only thing they see is the goal.

My current favorites among these kind of people are: –

Check out each of their responses to the thought of giving up.

Now I haven’t read any other great stories. So these are whom I stick with for now.

The way I choose to make it through is to either read or just watch one of their videos like the ones mentioned above.

For the most part they are willing to keep going until their body says stop. Otherwise they don’t know how to stop. I just keep reading it over and over again wondering how it’s possible. Then I get curious and set for myself a more challenging task than what already was and get back on track.

It isn’t really as easy as it sounds though. But me being more emotionally driven, I get easily influenced. And frankly how difficult something is seems to be the limit of the mind and not an actual limit. So I imagine being in their shoes. They don’t question the goal. They set it in full awareness and then follow it through all the way till the end.

Recently I started doing this thing that sort of wakes my body out of a state of laziness, i.e. bathing with cold water (I used to bathe with warm or hot water). When the first splash of water touches the body, the hesitation or fear that is felt before starting is quite similar to what it feels when starting something new. Quite like the illusion that we create in our minds before we start an activity that we consider to be difficult.

For the most part this shakes up the sluggishness and I feel more focused while doing the Grind.

This is what works for me but may or may not necessarily work for you. So you could try and see if it does work. You could experiment to see what works for you. Anyway it’s working for me. So for now I’m good since I got back on track the next day. My life has definitely become more interesting since I started this blog. Every week I prepare and make notes while travelling and every weekend I look forward to putting it together in a meaningful way and publishing it. I’m trying to make this into a habit.

Thank you for those who stuck around till the end. Tell me what you feel. Tell me if you use any other way to push through challenging times. I’m interested in knowing how you solve problems in your lives. Until next week then. Ciao.