Expectation vs Reality

Hello and welcome, dear readers! Hope you had a great week.

Ever made a Plan, followed it dutifully and something went wrong after a while? What was your reaction to that? Stress? Diversion? Self-sabotage? Or try again? I know mine certainly hasn’t been the last one.

You were very diligently following your Plan and then suddenly someone offers help. You trust them and they seem helpful. After a while, they suddenly have to attend to something else and their part of your Plan obviously goes on the second priority. All this time you wait up for them to finish up their part so that you can finally finish the project. But with no fault of theirs your project gets hung up.

Isn’t it frustrating?

But come to think of it, in my case, I sort of expected my project would “magically” be over when they did their part. If I’d really thought about it, maybe I wouldn’t have just assumed it’s over and passed time. It was my fault to assume that someone would take a project that I consider as mine and finish it considering it was theirs.

This isn’t the first time it has happened. But I surely have noticed it. And I will not let it slip by me again. My mistake was that I expected everything to be smooth.

If it is one thing that people from all walks of life have said, it is this.

“Life is never easy. There will always be ups and downs”

But I’ve also heard this.


Sort of makes sense, right? Every damn single thing that we do in our lives as a human is ridiculously cyclic in nature. For example,

Cycle 1: Daily routine

  • Wake up in the morning
  • Get ready
  • Go to work
  • Come back tired
  • Pass time
  • Go to bed
  • Repeat

Cycle 2: Self defeat

  • Come across a problem
  • Search for an easy way around it
  • Fail to find one
  • Give up
  • Move on to something else
  • Repeat

Cycle 3: Life cycle of all animals (humans included)

  • Eat
  • Sleep
  • Procreate
  • Die
  • Repeat

Cycle 4: Life cycle of Businesses & Civilizations

  • Birth
  • Growth and Maturation
  • Peak state / Golden Age
  • Decline
  • Death
  • Repeat(New one)

Cycle 5: Breath cycle

  • Diaphragm contracts[Diaphragm: The muscle that helps us breathe]
  • Lungs expand
  • Inhalation occurs
  • Diaphragm expands
  • Lungs contract
  • Exhalation occurs

If we live and breathe in cycles, then it could be a fair guess to assume that we make mistakes in cycles. It may sometimes be some genuine bad luck involved, but again for someone persistent it is just another challenge in the journey. They don’t see bad luck. Or good luck. All they see is the goal and the people, situations and decisions that would aid them to overcome obstacles.

The only uniqueness about us humans when we compare to other millions of species on this planet is our awareness. We can be conscious about everything we do. Yet we choose not to.

All right, maybe I’m doing ‘we’ too much?

Slowly but surely, I’m becoming aware about so many things I haven’t been aware about myself. I’ve noticed that if something interrupts my Plan, I tend to give up and not take responsibility for my actions. I settle for having an option to put the blame on. And when it happens, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. I get distracted and I repeat the whole “watching YouTube” cycle all over again.

I need to be more in the present.

Reduce pointless distractions just to see how much energy I have left.

Do what is required.

I mean all this applies to me. I’m not imposing this for any reader. But if you found yourself in a similar situation, what would you do? I could guess. But I’d rather know. So if you could, write them down in the comments below. On that note, see you next weekend. Happy weekend!