Hello! Anybody?

Hey guys! So, I couldn’t post today. I got caught up with work, you know. Deadlines!

I could complain and you could probably relate. But it solves nothing and has no use in the long run. So today I’m going to go freestyle.

So how are you? I always keep talking about my screw ups and ways to fix it.

Today morning I was wondering about what this blog means. I know I just begun. I’ve got a long way to go before I understand what it means. Primarily it would be, as I already said, about my screw ups and how I would fix them. I mean, the end goal is that I come up with a robust system to follow which will for the most part save me from embarrassing failure. But I thought about what other possibilities it could offer.

I’d definitely like to have conversations with you readers about whatever is either a current affair or is interesting. Maybe try my hand at writing again and create content for you guys. About Space, about History, about Culture, about Comics, about Sexuality, about God, you name it. I’m really curious to know other perspectives. I want to know your problems and how you solve them. Why you ask? Ah well, I’m just curious.

Just leave a topic in the comments or chat up, I’m welcoming all.

P.S. – I’ll keep referring to you guys, until you become real.